Fish Farming Becomes Bigger Business Than the Open Sea

Fish Farming Becomes Bigger Business Than the Open Sea

For the first time, the world is eating more fish from farms than from the open sea, spurring billions of dollars of takeovers as one of the largest food companies seeks to capitalize on rising demand.

Fish consumption is growing at a faster pace than beef, pork and poultry, driven by an expanding, increasingly prosperous global population that recognizes the health benefits of eating seafood.

Demand is forecast by the United Nations to outstrip supply in coming years. Wild fish aren’t going to fill the gap, and that leaves farming in lakes and coastal waters — also known as aquaculture — to make up the shortfall.

Full report and video on Bloomberg.

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Aquaponics, An Aid For Food Security in The Arab Countries

An interesting article published in Arab World Agribusiness Magazine stresses the important role aquaponics can play in Arab countries by providing an accessible and sustainable system for food production.

In the report, entitled Aquaponics: An Integrated Fish and Crops Production: A Food Security Booster for Arab Countries, Fisheries Development consultant Izzat Feidi says that almost all Arab countries need to import food to supplement local production of fish and crops to meet domestic demand. He states that although the extent of this trade in food varies by country, the overall balance is negative at the moment.

This negative balance of trade indicates a large gap between exports and imports that need to be narrowed to help overcome weaknesses in the overall standing of national economies.

In the view of the current global drop in oil prices and the need for the diversification of the national economies, Arab countries face new challenges.