Professor Soontorn Pipithsangchan

Professor Soontorn Pipithsangchan

World renowned Professor Soontorn Pipithsangchan joins our Scientific advisory board.

Professor Pipithsangchan was born and educated in Thailand and holds a BSc. in Agriculture awarded by the Kasetsart University, Bangkok, an MSc. in Entomology awarded by the Kasetsart University, Bangkok and a Ph.D in Insecticide Toxicology awarded by the University of Los Banos in the Philippines.

His knowledge and expertise has been utilised by students, farmers and large corporations across S.E. Asia, Africa, Bangladesh and the Middle East.

Professor Pipithsangchan has a wide range of expertise in the design, planning, construction and management of hydroponic systems in S.E Asia.

His primary objective is sustainable food production using alternative and eco-friendly farming methods.

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