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Sustainable Agriculture

Experience first-hand our commitment to sustainable, responsible agriculture, and why it sets the standard for responsible, financial return.

Meet the Team

Meet the team, see the Aquaponics system in action, and learn how you can be part of this billion-dollar food industry without the stress and risk of doing it yourself.

Aquaponics in Asia

Thailand has long been considered the food basket of Asia and is an established and vibrant hub for food tourism.

Our Farm

Our fully operational flagship farm produces a variety of fresh lettuces, herbs and fish, and is located in Doi Saket, in the region of Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand. This peaceful district is mainly a rural farming area, with rice fields and reservoirs in the valleys, punctuated by orchards and crops in the green hillsides. The village of Doi Saket, nestled below the world-famous temple Wat Doi Saket, is a traditional Thai town, where quality, organic produce is a part of everyday life.